Meihua Creek is located in Hsinchu Jianshih Township, we carefully selected the best period of Meihua Creek about 500 meters to allow students to experience the state of climbing waterfalls. .8 Meter diving swimming pools .15 meters rappelling, upstream process exclaimed again and again so that all students, climax dish since the end of 15 meters as well as the spectacular great Falls, absolutely exciting, wonderful can be expected. Hsinchu area is ranked first high popularity upstream attractions and After tracing the river to enjoy the beauty of the area’s most famous outdoor hot soup, eliminate the day’s fatigue, quite suitable for the general public friends.

Events Itineraries

08:00 Meeting Place: Township, Hsinchu County Jinping village Jianshih 5 o 69 (Carlton Beauty Hot Spring Hall)

[Transportation] E 121.24752 ° N 24.67978 ° in Xionglin Interchange (90K) under → south, turn left, turn right 120 line northward to the east of bamboo, Yokoyama → straight to the Provincial Highway 3 collinear point northward → turn left, turn right into the collinear 120 line continues to the end of the bay after bay → → continue to Spinel Spinel go to the outer ring road bridge across the bridge, turn right and move on to the third bridge at the crossroad Jinping sightseeing straight indicators that go downhill along.

08:30 Beauty Hot Springs parking lot set dressing

09:00 walk to Plum Creek starting point abduction, water

10:30 waterfall climbing

12:30 to reach 15 meters in Great Falls

13:00 valley hot lunch, please bring your own dishes

14:30 15 meters waterfall rappelling or platform diving (the event has a certain irritation, whether to participate, make their own decisions based on safety considerations, whether to allow you to participate in the coach retain power vertical drop)

15:20 waterfall rappelling activities end of the course

15:30 traced back to the starting point

16:30 Back to collection sites dressing hot springs

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Course fee

Original price 2500 yuan, 2200 yuan discount / each, including lunch valley hot cauldron face, Wan +20 2 million accident insurance medical insurance, safety instructor, a full safety equipment (helmets, life jackets, safety harnesses, hook loop, upstream shoes body type jackets, gloves upstream senior mitts, insurance hook ring, character).

Registration Notice

1. Registration fee were canceled due to personal factors, in accordance with the refund policy refund.

2. After the registration fee can not be postponed, to be deferred as a refund directly. Please refer to our refund policy

3. rainy activity is still as usual, not because of the rain canceled or postponed, canceled by its own unilateral decision, in accordance with the refund policies apply.

4. Once the Central Weather Bureau issued a typhoon warning which covers land areas, all activities will be canceled. Administrative costs deducted 150 yuan per person, the rest back.

5. After enrollment quota reserved three days, please complete the payment within three days, three days did not transfer the quota will be released.

6. group registration, please unified remittances.

7. The company activities include transportation neither transfers. Must bring their own transport to the upstream location, we will go to the assembly point lead.

8. In order to ensure the quality and safety activities, do not be late, late for more than half an hour, I direct the Secretary of departure, no refund.

9. In case of valley diving, rappelling and other projects to decide for themselves, not grudgingly Division I coach students.

10. Do not trip if reluctantly travels unwell, they should immediately inform the coach.

11. Special note: you insured insurance is right for you? Some insurance companies are not covered upstream Oh, and we are in the insurance policy with the insurance, but there are marked “upstream” Oh.

12. If you have a special history of past or present (such as lightheadedness or dizziness; arthritis or injury; heart disease; pregnancy or the last year has produced; hypertension; major surgery: stroke: diabetes; other medical conditions: such as asthma] prepare yourself to carry drugs), be sure to inform, we will give appropriate recommendations, arrangements and take care of, if not cause an accident to tell us, we will not take any legal responsibility.

Power spot route planning and activity arrangements of 13. The Company reserves the coach.

14. The terms of a contractual nature, please consent before making payment.

Refund Policy

1. Day 10 days ago proposed to abolish, buckle 150 yuan per person administrative fee, the rest back.

2. Activities 5-9 days before the proposed cancellation, refund 70% of the cost.

3. Activities 2-4 days before the proposed cancellation, refund 50% of the cost.

4. On the day or the day before proposed cancellation will not be accepted.

5. With regard to force majeure cancellation, such as earthquakes, typhoons, roads interruption. We will refund. Refund must deduct administrative costs 150 yuan per person, the rest back.

6. The terms of a contractual nature, please consent before making payment.

How long amount of foot

From the bottom of the foot to the toes of the strengths (usually the second toe or foot toe) is the actual foot length


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