Canyoning is the need hands and feet in the valley, so the opposite is often the need to grasp our hands. Help. Grip, etc., and we have a pair of feet can slip shoes can travel in the valley, if there is no non-slip shoes and gloves inch step is really difficult, you want to secure peace upstream slip shoes and gloves are one of our essential equipment

Slip shoes

We carefully selected the appropriate Council Taiwan valley upstream shoes, generally Taiwan valley is the most common form of mucosal surfaces such as brown, green algae, this time just slip on the surface layer of mucous membrane that can be trampled brush stone, scouring pads non-slip shoes is so developed, scouring pads with the contact surface friction is greater than sliding force to slip.

We carefully selected bike gloves, gloves back using sponge bottom breathable mesh Four bombs with them will not feel the heat, many parts of the palm punching enhanced ventilation effect, so we have a better protection when upstream but also enhance we comfort when upstream of