Golden Grotto has become a famous tourist attraction, it is flows by section of the San Chan Nan River (south side), in the National park Taroko.  San Chan Nan River is original from Pa to Ru Mountain (3100mm), total 23KM, San Chan Bai river (North side) is from TaSan Nan Ri (2449m), Camel mountain is in between of San Chan Nan River and Bai River and, both river meet top of San Chan village, and flows toward Pacific ocean, the San Chan Nan river is beauty and knows as ” small Taroko”.

The spot ” Zhen Mei Ho Zuo” (means the Chineses American corporation ) is the water county that build at 1951 by funds from American, therefore name with it.  It is located on the way to Golden Grotto,  the temperature of Golden Crotto is around 16-17 degree all the years, to reach the amazing views will pass 3 lake and 3 claiming route, it is not easy for person without gear, one way from entry of San Chan village is around 6KM, it will take 3-4 hours for one way, it is nice view but need energy.  the person who want to join the tour need to evaluate the physical strength.

Activity plan
07:00 Meet San Chan elementary school
07:15 dress up, warm up, GO !
08:30 start with clear water and some water jump point
09:30 Zhen Mei Ho Zuo (the water county)
12:00 arrive entry of Golden Grotto
13:00 Lunch Break
13:30  head back, with fun about float on river
17:30 arrive parking
18:00 Nice ending

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Activity Fee
price 3000NT/person,
include hot meal in valley, 2 million accident insurance, 200000 medical insurance, safety instructor, full gear ( helmet, life jacket, harness, hook, shoes, wet suit, gloves and necessary tool depends on activity)

Registration Notice
1. After activity fee is paid and will to cancel due to personal reason, should follow the refund policy.
2. After the activity is reserved, it is can’ t be postponed, or will be cancel with penalty according to refund policy.
3. Taiwan is an island with 1/4 raining day, the activity will be going even raining, if customer want to cancel or postpone, it is possible by following the refund policy.
4. Once the Central Weather Bureau issued a typhoon warning which covers land areas, all activities will be canceled. Administrative is allow to postpone or cancel with refund after deduct 150 NT/person.
5. After enrollment list have been submit, it will be reserved for 3 days, please complete the payment within three days, or will be released.
6. Group registration, please unified remittances.
7. This activities doesn’t nclude transportation neither transfers. Please meet everyone at agreed location on time.
8. In order to ensure the quality and safety activities, do not be late, late for more than half an hour, rest of team will departure and no refund.
9. In the trip, any activities like jumping, rappeling will be introduce by coach but decide by customer, we don’t force people, enjoy the trip without pressure.
10. While the trip, please be responsiby for your own health condition, if feel not comfortable, should immediately inform the coach or partner.
11. Special note: we have the insurance indicated ” Canyoning “, not like others who have only “travel insurance”
12. If you have a special history illness (such as headache or dizziness; arthritis or injury; heart disease; pregnancy or just delivey baby;hypertension; major surgery: stroke: diabetes; other medical conditions: such as asthma] Prepare yourself to carry drugs), be sure to inform your partner, we will give appropriate recommendations, arrangements and take care of, and it is your own responsiblity to take care yourself. We will not take any legal responsibility.
13. The Company reserves the coach has power to change the route, planning and make proper activity arrangements.
14. Please pay after you agree all the items, it has contract nature.

Refund Policy
If cancel the reservation 10 days before, will refund after deduct administrative fee 150NT.
If cancel the reservation 5-9 days before, will refund 70% .
If cancel the reservation 2-4 days before, will refund 50% .
If cancel the reservation one day before or activity day will not refund any.
With regard to irresistible factors,such as earthquakes, typhoons, roads interruption. We will refund after deduct administrative costs 150 NT/ per person.
The above terms has legal effect under the law, once you join the activity, you are consider that totally agree the above items.



How to measure the length of foot for canyoning shoes
From longest toes to end of the foot (usually the second toe or foot toe) is the actual foot length

Registration phone: 0932167326EN