Cannon Rock natural climbing
NIB Yangmingshan National Park is located in Cannon Rocks, which andesite rock and soft sandstone formed, when Datun volcanic eruptions caused by self, is a natural climbing from Taipei district court, convenient transportation, rock climbing rappelling, is  beginners learning the best places to climb the rock wall of natural rock field, from the rock field overlooking the park and the peaks, the scenery is quite beautiful.
How to travel independently to Beitou rock field artillery

Rehabilitation Beitou MRT to Xinmin road trip, road and turn right after the sun continued to vote after 100 meters turn right, the line about 500 meters after Beitou Zen Garden restaurant, turn left along the road winds on, again for about 500 meters after a large bay at the right shows one yellow warning signs along the right side of the mountain and went straight for about 100 meters to reach

9:00 New Beitou MRT collection
9:30 warm-up, security, equipment to explain
10:00 shorting natural rock climbing
11:00 rock rappelling
12:00 Lunch
13:00 rock climbing long routes
15:00 End Activities

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Course fee
$ 2,000 per person, at least 6 people that make the trip, (including 1 million accident insurance +10 0000 medical, professional coaches, climbing helmets, safety carabiner , climbing with a safety harness, rope and dynamic static rope. Groups of 10 or more separate registration there are concessions. curriculum

1. Special Note: According to the insurance law under the age of 15 feet and 65 feet above the age of only 200,000 health insurance coverage, the insurance company does not provide accident insurance coverage, please note.
2. If you have special medical history, past or present (such as dizziness or dizziness; arthritis or injury; heart disease; pregnancy or the last year has produced; hypertension; major surgery: stroke: diabetes; other medical conditions: such as asthma] prepare yourself to carry drugs), be sure to inform, we will give appropriate recommendations, arrangements and take care of, if not cause an accident to tell us, we will not take any legal responsibility.
3. Refund relevant regulations and precautions:
(1) Upon completion of the registration fee, due to typhoon or heavy rain warning dissemination prohibited mountainous seaside activities, you can choose a refund (after deduction of insurance and administrative fees remitted) or delayed; Ruoyin personal factors cancel student activities, activities you in three A few days ago through the company, declined to refund the rest, thank you.
(2) The day of the event or force majeure Ruoyin roads are cut off, making it impossible to reach the venue, the company for the maintenance of security considerations, retains the right to change the venue. Please respect the professional judgment of the coach.
4. Please classes with sports clothing, nails, hair and remove Zhaqi rings, watches, necklace and other decorative objects.

Registration Line 0932167326


Cannon Rock climbing